Genarel Repair


At Seaserv Int’l we can help our customers with urgent voyage repairs and maintenance repairs during the waiting at Chittagong. Our mobile repair crews consist of highly qualified, experienced, mechanical fitters, steelworkers, pipefitters and electricians. We provide a round-the-clock service to our customers on board, during a voyage.


  • Equipment Installation
  • Handrail Ladder Repair
  • Afloat Structural Repair
  • Hatch Cover repair
  • Foundation fabrication
  • Structural outfitting
  • Modification Work
  • Renew or Modification
  • TST and DB tank
  • New installation Work
  • Manhole repair
  • Renew or Modification
  • Anchor and Chain Replacement.


  • Crane repair work/and calibration
  • Purifier repair & rectification installation and modification
  • Aux-Engine overhauling and trouble shooting
  • All Kind of Hydraulic,pneumatic system repair rectification and modification
  • Gear and Gear box overhauling ,repair and rectification
  • Steering gear/system rectification and repair
  • Compressor,FWG generator rectification and repair
  • Main Engine overhauling and trouble shooting
  • All kinds of valves,Pumps trouble shooting ,rectification and modification
  • Winch/Windless repair and rectification
  • Galley Equipment Repair/Renew of overhauling


  • Installation of bilge,sounding,freshwater pipe lines
  • Pressure Testing of boiler and chiller tube and others
  • Commissioning if all kinds of pipe related works.
  • Fabrication of boiler tube,economizer and others piping work
  • Repairing of all kinds of pipe lines
  • Modification of bilge,sounding and others piping works.


  • Cable support fabrication, installation and modification
  • Motor testing and Overhauling
  • Motor Rewinding
  • Electro Hydraulic engineering trouble shooting and repairs
  • Boiler, Chiller automation, installation and modification


Seaserv Int’l offers painting services that include grit blasting, hydro-blasting, new hull and deck painting and coatings, we can complete projects on vessels of all sizes and types.


Sandblasting and Water blasting are techniques used to remove the rust, scale, and sand and prepare the ships surface for high performance painting.


Seaserv Int’l will help you find the best solution for any underwater inspection or maintenance service your ship needs at Chittagong. We will immediately mobilize our diver and technician specialist to locations at the Port of Chittagong as well as to carry out necessary repair work without the need to drydock.

We provides a meticulously service when performing underwater inspection into account all the prevailing circumstances, our underwater inspection services include:

  • General inspection of the ships hull before cleaning work is started
  • Hull Cleaning with the a cost effective multi-brush system
  • Video and or camera inspection of the ships hull fouling conditions before and after hull cleaning
  • Written report with photographs of the ships hull fouling conditions before and after hull cleanings

We at Seaserv Int’l are dedicated to the underwater works industry and follow all of the internationals standards of the Shipping Business (Class NK, BV, Lloyd´s, GL, RINA).

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